Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Down for the Count....

Week 2 has come and gone.  The total weight loss to date....

9.2 lbs

Not nearly what I hoped for.  I spoke with my awesome coordinator about the possible side effects I am feeling, and she is checking with the doctor.  As for the weight loss issue, she said I should still be loosing .5 to 1 lb per day.  Well, thats not happing.  So, she gave me a couple of tips.  I now need to continue to drink the super slimming tea every night and up my fiber pills to 2, 3 times a day.  So, we will try this and see what happens. 

Today I want to reflect what I miss the most....

My morning coffee with Hazelnut creamer
Walking on the nice warm days
Eating out with my girlfriends
Eating Chocolate Cake!

But, I am doing well and I am ok with the change of lifestyle.  Here is to a better week!


  1. Hi Nicole, Your blog is the only one that came up with personal reviews on Weightnot..... I am looking to try it by the end of the month, but still have some questions. You blog has given me some insight already - so thank you for writing your experience out.... Looking to read more as you complete your 40 days of treatment.

    I do have few questions: Do you feel hungry or your just craving some items?
    Also how long did it take them to do the lab test?
    Hows the customer service been so far?

  2. Anima: Sometimes I am hungry and I really miss my coffee! Like alot!! But, I chew gum and it goes away.

    As for the Lab test and customer service, it's hard to say, we had a huge snow storm the delayed a lot of me starting everything, but once everything was back to normal, everyone has been awesome to work with. My coordinator is very helpful and always available if I need her.

    Subscribe and come back, I am trying to do a blog every day, but with grad school and kids it gets hard, I really want to do a vlog but again this weekend I didn't have time. I will try to get one out this weekend! Thanks for the comment!