Sunday, January 10, 2010

Today is a NEW Revolution

Today, I am starting this blog to gain friends who will help empower me to get healthy in the 2010! My plan is not to set a specific goal weight but rather a specific goal size because we all know that it is more practical since muscle weighs more than fat. I am hoping that I can not only gain the empowerment from peers but also inspire others to join me. Weekends are my hardest but during the work week is when I do the most damage! Typical work day: Wake up, drink lots of coffee, get my kids to school, drive---a very long drive to work---, each breakfast about 3-4 hours after I wake up, each lunch, grab a snack (either from the snack machine, or out of my purse), then go home. There is no schedule to my eating and since we have a snack machine it is almost easier to go there than pack a healthy snack. I have tried shakes, pills, and almost every other diet possible! Now, I am going to do this the "normal" way! Which includes making healthier choices and working out. I have a gym membership it is time to use it!

Here is my current size, 10 Women's Petite or 11 Juniors. I would like to be a size 4-6 in Women's (and whatever the equivalent in Juniors).

Today begins Nicole's Revolution!

Here is to a healthy new decade! Happy 2010! Nic

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