Monday, January 11, 2010

Day One

Today is starting off with a bang! I have managed to keep to the diet thus far, which can be very hard to do. I had a delicious 3/4 cup of cereal w/milk for breakfast and an apple for a snack. For lunch a downed a WW Smart One Meatloaf and Mashed Potatoes. Then for my afternoon snack, peanut butter crakers! YUM. Dinner is a Guamanian Dish that has lots of broccoli and cauliflower. I have no idea how much calories are in one serving because it is a family recipe. I figure though, I will be working out afterwards so as long as I don't overeat I should be alright.

Okay, so here is how I am determining how many calories I should be eating: I was reading one of The Biggest Loser books that I obtained during one of my many failed diets, and in the book there is a formula you use to determine the caloric intake. Here it is:

Your Weight in LBS X 7 = Total Calories/Day

Then I know that I need to have lots of protein because it helps build muscle. I know that the least amount I should be having is 75 grams of protein.

Water is an issue for me however. I know that I should be drinking a lot more than I do. Someone told me that I should drink half my weight in ounces. AHHH! So I have made it in to a game. I drink one 16 ounce bottle right after my coffee and then one right after lunch. I will then drink one on my way home from work and then one at dinner time. Then my very last one will be when I work out.

Tonight is turbo jam night! Anyone who has never try this should it is one of the best work out videos there is out there! Chalene Johnson makes it so much fun and the music is pretty good. I know the routines rather well now though and so sometimes I will put my own tunes on and jam to them rather than the same ones over and over again.

Here is to a Happy & Healthy 2010!
Nicole ;o)

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