Sunday, June 2, 2013

Sunday Spotlight - Oh Hey There Rachel!

Name: Rachel
Blog: Oh Hey There Rachel!
Type of Blog: Fashion, Makeup
What is your favorite reason to be a blogger?
I love blogging because it gives me a platform to express my love for fashion & makeup. I aspire to be a journalist when I'm older [Vogue, here I come!] so it's a great way for me to practice my writing. As a 15 year old blogger, it's often hard to find time to post due to schoolwork and homework, but it's an escapism for me from that type of life.

What major city is closest to you?

Does Dublin influence or help shape your style, your blog, and/or your personality?
Not particularly my style, but definitely my blog! The reason I started blogging was because of other Irish bloggers. I was so inspired by them, hence why i created my blog.

What can we expect from Oh Hey There Rachel! in the next coming months?
A lot of new outfits and some beauty product reviews. I'm hoping my blog will continue to grow so I can expand and grow with it!

Who are your Fashion/Makeup Icons?
Lana Del Rey and Marina Diamandis are my main two inspirations. I love how Lana describes her style as 'gangster Nancy Sinatra' as it is definitely something I'd use to describe my self! Likewise, I adore Marina's cute, vintage and quirky look, with small touches such as bows and hats. Another icon of mine would be the iconic Audrey Hepburn. her effortless style and glamour is something I aspire to have. I like to take vintage ideas and modern pieces to create a retro-vintage look.

If you could live anywhere in the world where would you be and why?
London! I love the buzz of the city and the shops are to die for.

What other blogs would you like to see spotlighted on Nicole’s Revolution? , < my two favorite blogs!

Fun Question: You have been given $500,000. What would you do with it?
Buy an endless supply of makeup, Louboutins galore, clothes [of course] and more bags!

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