Saturday, March 2, 2013

Hello March! Lot's of Happenings!

I cannot believe it is already March.  People we are 2 months put away for the year already!!  What the heck!  I swear time moves at warp speed once you hit the age of 18!

I'm excited for this month though!  This month is going to be SUPER busy between the blog and home it's nuts!

Expect to see continued Manicure Monday linkups, a new tutorial every Tuesday (Tutorial Tuesday, duh!), the new WeightNot Wednesday theme, as well as, the Fashion Friday linkups.  I will continue to spotlight different blogs every Sunday for Spotlight Sunday and I am going to be doing more product reviews for the items I purchase and/or receive.

Bird's dance competition season begins next weekend so I am most likely going to have some more postings in regards to that.  It is very exciting, nerve wrecking, and tiring all combined in to one big tortilla!  But it is sooooo worth it!

As you may have noticed I have opened up a little shop page on my blog.  Take a look, the items are super cute!

I also decided that I am close to 100 followers on the blog (via GFC) and 100 followers on Facebook & I'm inching closer everyday to 300 followers on Twitter!  I will do another giveaway when I hit each of those milestones.  So, once I hit 100 followers on the blog & FB, plus 300 followers on Twitter, I will give away 3 gift cards valued at $20 each.

The Gift Cards will be Forever21, Sephora, & Target!  So get to tweeting out and following! Get your friends to do the same! I want to give away something!

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