Monday, August 6, 2012

Motivational Monday - Back to Work

It's Monday everyone and I need some hardcore motivation.  After being off for the past week and a half I am dreading going in to work.  It's rather depressing.  Knowing there are a TON of files waiting for me to review, hundreds of emails to read and reply to isn't fun.


Okay that's enough of the complaining. Today is Motivational Monday and I need to be motivating myself and whoever else needs the motivation to push on this week.

The day before I left for vacation I received this:

If you missed this picture it was from my H54F post.
This large piece of paper reminds me of how motivated and dedicated I am to myself and my family.  So to motivate everyone this week I will offer a little peek into my personal life and how I ended up with my Master's degree.

For my entire undergraduate degree and part of my graduate degree I was a single parent AND without the help of my parents (and sometimes boyfriend...[who is now my husband]) I would not have been able to complete both of these.  I sacrificed a lot to get where I am now and believe me it WAS NOT easy.  I not only was a single parent, but I worked full time and was considered a full time student [i.e. 12-15 semester hours each semester for my undergrad and 6 semester hours per semester of my graduate degrees].  Yes, those both say full time in bold and italic b/c I want to stress how big of a deal that is! Vacations always included me staying back to get my homework and studying in, missing family dinners, and postponing certain events in my life.  IT SUCKED!

I had to make the decision to do this and if I was going to do it I had to do it all the way.  After splitting from my first husband, which was an abusive and difficult relationship (still is difficult), I had no insurance and was barely making $10/hour for about 20 hours per week. I had to make a change. I refused to let my daughter grow up a difficult life. AND GUESS WHAT?!?!

I did it. I am proud. I am PHENOMENAL!

So, my motivation this week is to remind everyone that you can do it, you will be proud, and most of all, you are already PHENOMENAL!


  1. This is really inspiring! Last semester I didn't do good being a full time student and working full time at a highly demanding retail job! I'm gonna do part time this semester and ease into it! But this is deff inspiration! Be proud!


    1. Yeah, it isn't for everyone but continue to push on! You'll be AMAZING!