Friday, July 6, 2012

High Five For Friday!

What a whirl wind week this week was!  My High Five:

1. This little mama bird brightened my day.  She is a hummingbird trying to feed her babies but all of us humans kept getting in her way.  She found a home in the breezeway of a very busy pool!
2. I zebra stamped my nails with the awesome nail stamping tool and found a new blue I am in LOVE with (Essie's Aruba Blue) P.S. dot com....don't mind my sausage like toes....I know eww...
3. This was my best friend this week!  Power went out and it was hotter then HELL!  Battery operated baby!!
4. This was in my email Sunday evening....Heck Yeah! No work for 2 days b/c of the storms plus one extra for the holiday...5 day weekend?  Sure, I'll take it!
Photobucket5. I got to see this face swim at her swim lessons for the first time since she began taking them at the start of summer!  She is a little fish I tell ya!  This storm was a blessing in disguise b/c without it I wouldn't have been able to see how much progress she made!

How was your week?  Don't forget to visit the link party and see everyone else!  

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