Monday, December 16, 2013

Just When I Thought...

I know I said I would post more yesterday about my horrible past few months; but I got word that morning that the dear friend of our family (the one who was in the coma) had passed on.  He was 23. I have known him since he was four year old.

Nick's mom is my mom's best friend.  They met working for Safeway, and they still do.  Our mom's would make us do every charity event there ever was for Safeway.  And every event Nick was there too.  I use to complain and hate doing it. I was embarrassed. I never wanted to be seen.  Hindsight is always 20/20.  Today, I am 29 and thankful our mom's made us do the work (selling hot dogs, doing walks down at College Park, etc.) because I would have never of spent the time I did with Nick.  And Nick's mom is like an aunt to me.  I am grieving with her.

Nick was the shy kid, who loved to wear suites and ties to school; even when he went to public school.  Sure the kids were mean, but they didn't understand what absolutely loving and gentile human being Nick was. He wouldn't say much, but when he did people listened. He was smart.

As Nick grew older and I had a family of my own he evolved.  Standing almost 7 feet tall, he was a giant ball of love, topped with a big cowboy hat, huge belt buckle and cowboy boots.  He wore it to my wedding. I loved that he stood out. I loved that he even attended.  He didn't have too.  I am thankful I have the photo of him sitting shyly in the background, cowboy hat and all.

Nick worked at Safeway too. In the meat department, in the town I currently live in.  I had been so caught up in my own life that I failed to stop in the store recently.  Come to find out, he was promoted to department manager and shipped off to a different store.  The last time I saw him I was in such a rush I didn't stop to say "Hi" and how he was doing.  I regret that.

Now Nick is gone but never forgotten.  Nick leaves us with his love and wisdom, even at the young age of 23.  We will forever remember how special he truly was and I will now cherish the time we had as kids together, even if it was stupid charity work for Safeway.  Even now, it makes me realize that God had always had a plan.  I was just not realizing it at the time.

Today, I leave you with this.  Don't ever let yourself be too busy to miss out on checking in on someone.  Even if it is a quick "Hi" because you will never know, until it's too late, how much little moments in the grocery store becomes missed.

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