Sunday, May 19, 2013

Sunday Spotlight - So Irrelevant It's Relevant


Names: Sydney, Rachel, Megan

Blog: So Irrelevant It's Relevant

Type of Blog: Fashion

What is your favorite reason to be a blogger?

S:  I love being a blogger because I love to inspire others. Before I was a part of this blog, I would constantly check my favorite sites for inspiration. It is awesome to know that I now can do the same for others! I hope people look at the site and see something they think is really cool and that they could recreate.

R: I love expressing myself through fashion and sharing it with others. Dressing up for school is entertaining but posting my looks and getting feedback from other people who are also interested in fashion makes it so much more fun.

M: I love having the ability to freely share my style and advice with other people who are interested and appreciate it. Blogging is like an outlet where I can express my style and hopefully inspire others to embrace theirs at the same time.

What major city is closest to you?
New York

Does New York influence or help shape your style, your blog, and/or your personality?

S:  Yes! We are constantly making trips to the city. I love going in and being inspired by all of the cool people walking around me. Everyone has their unique style, and New York is a great showing of this! We try to be unique on our blog, and have the same carefree attitude that New Yorkers have.

R: I think it does, because my personal style is definitely geared more towards a dark palette, the typical NY look, rather than a breezy LA look. I love fur, boots, and I own a ton of black.

M: Absolutely! NYC is a iconic fashion capital recognized around the world, and when walking the streets, one can witness so many different fashion perspectives. Everyone has her own unique style and is not afraid to show it off.  New York City is somewhere that people are comfortable with dressing however they please and numerous trends are born on those streets. Not to mention every great designer has a store in New York! It has been hugely beneficial to be so close to such an influential city.

What can we expect from So Irrelevant It's Relevant in the next coming months?

S: A lot more daily outfit posts! Also, we will hopefully start showcasing some more DIYs, as well as features of other looks we see and love around us (friends, random people on the street, other bloggers)

R: Expect more daily outfit posts, as usual, but also look for random posts of things that inspire me. I love looking through magazines and sharing looks and ideas that broaden my outlook on fashion.

M: Tons of posts on our daily outfits, our inspirations and even some DIY's! We post regularly, almost every day, and have lots of ideas for how to keep the blog fun and interesting. We are still pretty new to the world of blogging, but we are continue to develop and learn as we go.

Who are your Fashion/Makeup Icons?

S: I love Diane Kruger's style...she always looks so put together and chic! Blake Lively also always looks so flawless and beautiful.

R: Fashion icons include Rachel Zoe, Hanneli Mustaparta, and Emily Schuman. Each is extremely successful in a different section of the fashion world and I admire them greatly!

M: I pull inspiration from a variety of places, but I would go to great lengths to wear an Alexander McQueen piece.

If you could live anywhere in the world where would you be and why?

S: Definitely London. They are always so cutting edge "across the pond" and have a distinct style. Also, who doesn't love a good British accent :)

R: Definitely Paris. The city is gorgeous, with the lovely old buildings with beautiful architecture and amazing little parks with seating areas around every corner. Fashion in Paris is more prevalent than in any other city; everyone is dressed to the nines all the time. No one looks sloppy and everyone is fabulous.

M: Hm, there are too many amazing places in the world to only choose one. If I had to though, I guess I would say Switzerland. The location of Switzerland, being surrounded by a number of European countries, is ideal for travel (something I plan to spend most of my life doing).

What other blogs would you like to see spotlighted on Nicole’s Revolution?

S: Empirically Me is one of the first bloggers to follow us, and what a treat this was! She has an awesome sense of style and always looks edgy and unique.



Fun Question: You have been given $500,000. What would you do with it?

S:  Tough question! I would definitely give some back to my parents for all of the clothing purchases they have financed :) Some would go to charity and the rest would be used for shopping! And of course college funding!

R: Travel the world.

M: Honestly, I'd probably lock it up in the bank. Maybe use a couple thousand for a shopping spree first though :)

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