Wednesday, April 3, 2013

WeightNot Wednesday - Week One Complete!

Hi Everyone!  I have successfully completed the first week of WeightNot and am proud to announce that I have lost approx. 5 lbs and .5 inches off my waist!  I'm pretty damn proud of those results!  Ultimately I would like to have seen a bigger loss but all in all I think 5 lbs is not too shabby.

I got a second package in the mail to start the second phase of the diet.

A HUGE box of pills & another jug of fiber supplement.  So I know that I complained about the fiber supplement this past week.  Well that one has got nothing on this crap I have to drink every morning.  It is beyond awful and the longer it sits the more it becomes like apple sauce or something of the sort. It is just terrible.

The amount of pills are crazy too.  But it's only b/c I am one who doesn't really like to take pills anyway. I find that it is easier to choke 'em down with carbonated water.

So here is a couple of things that I am doing that has helped with this diet:
  1. Carbonated water. I drink the flavored ones, it gets rid of my cravings for soda...even the diet kind. I am not 100% sure if I am suppose to be drinking this but, I am and haven't really had any negative effects from it
  2. I found out about TURKEY and CHICKEN sausage for breakfast!  This stuff is amazing, and you can find some "all natural" selections in the frozen section of your grocery store!  I am so busy that it is hard for me to make everything natural like they want you too, so this little shortcut has been a great find.  I just made sure to read the ingredients.  Luckily, it was all meat and seasonings.  Not additives or anything
  3. I couldn't give up my coffee. I tried....I mean really tried! But on the days that I didn't drink it I didn't loose weight, and on the days I did, I lost weight. Not sure what the correlations is all about but I've decided to only have 2 cups/day and lessen the amount of coffee creamer (I only use creamer and don't add sugar).
  4. Fitness Pal!  OK, fitness pal is much easier to use then the HUGE ass book they gave me to read and monitor my if you are on fitness pal then add me! I give access to what I am eating every day in case you want some meal ideas!  Even if you are not doing the diet, I have some really great low calorie high-protein low fat meal ideas and recipes on there!  My User ID is QUEENNICOLE01 ADD ME!!! =)
JR30Mommmy had asked a couple of questions on last weeks blog post and I have yet to get back to her so I figured what I would do is answer the questions here in this blog post.  I think that is how I will handle questions from here on out. So comment your questions away and look back at the next blog post for the answers!

How was doing the detox on Monday? The detox really wasn't too bad. I was hungry; I'm not going to lie. AND I was a total bitch to my husband, but he got over it!  All in all it was just fine. Monday I was home all day b/c it was a "snow" day and then Tuesday I was at work and I was super busy so it kept my mind off of being hungry.  Whatever you do stay busy and keep your mind from thinking about food and you'll make it out just fine!

So I totally forgot to take a "before" pic. So this is one that I had from 2 days before I started the diet. My shirt is slightly big on me but all in all this is a pic of what I look like now.  Some people may be like what the heck you aren't HUGE! but I am overweight and I am ready to be 100% healthy.

Okay! On to another fabulous week! Leave me any questions you have below!! =)

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  1. Thank you so much for answering the questions! I feel that much better about starting on Monday. I am still waiting on my kit UGH! I enjoy reading the forums and your blog about your weight loss but im sooo ready to see some lbs gone myself! I hope to start Monday the 15th. I ordered my kit on the 13th so I just hope that I can start that week. Looking forward to your next stage of the program! Thanks again!