Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sunday Spotlight - Dressing With Desire

Name: Alyssa Pritchett

Blog: Dressing With Desire

Type of Blog: Fashion, Makeup, Lifestyle

What is your favorite reason to be a blogger?
I am an aspiring creative consultant, personal stylist, and fashion director and right now I am barely in my college years. My blog is basically a description of those years in a fashion sense. How I manage to create an outfit excluding sweats, shopping on a tight budget, and along the way I describe my journey to the golden gates of the fashion industry.

What can we expect from Dressing With Desire in the next coming months?
Your are going to see a lot more outfits, whether they are mine or other bloggers. I also am finally dipping my toes into the world of beauty and makeup and I can assure you that will be interesting. Also, I plan on volunteering for Los Angeles Fashion Week which I am sure will lead into it's own post series.

Who are your Fashion/Makeup Icons?
Lauren Conrad puts such a youthful spin on the classic style it's hard not to mimic every outfit she puts together, however I am inspired by everyone. Fashion blogs and magazines are a big source of creative inspiration, but I could just walk around my campus and find at least one clothing item I must have!

If you could live anywhere in the world where would you be and why?
Santa Barbara all the way. It is so beautiful and the style is so carefree I feel relaxed almost instantly the moment I drive in. It is also home to one of my favorite scents of the world: the beach.

What other blogs would you like to see spotlighted on Nicole’s Revolution?
A personal friend of mine and makeup artist Stephanie Baker has a great beauty blog at

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