Friday, January 18, 2013

Fashion Friday - Jean Society

Happy Friday EVERYONE!!! Welcome back to Fashion Friday which is now an AWESOME link up!!  This week I am highlighting Jeans! Boy-oh-Boy do I love me some JEANS!! Lucky Magazine (one of my all time favorite magazines EVER!) Just did a 50 jeans for under $50 piece!  Here are my favorite from their collection!  What I love most about these jeans is that we can get away with wearing them on casual Friday's in the office!

Jean Society

So would you wear these??  I love them...I'm also noticing I love skinny jeans!  *eek*

The linkup is below! Share with us your pick blog's fashion pick of the week & don't forget to add my button to the post! =)

Fashion Friday's with Queen Nicole


  1. I love the teal jeans! I've been wanting a pair so bad.

    1. I love the teal too! I want a pair as well, but I have yet to find the "perfect" shade! =)