Monday, September 3, 2012

Motivational Monday - Changing the World

This past week was one of the most exhausting and heartbreaking weeks I have had in the longest time.  As you may recall I forewent my High Five for Friday post because it was hard to be happy.  Although I had never met little Connor Adams, my heart felt for my high school friends.  

You never know how much love you have to give someone until you are a parent.  This I know more than anything in the world.  I have never lost a child, nor do I have want to have to know that feeling, but I do know loss and I do know heartbreak that can affect you for the rest of your life.  

This week I want to remember this quote by an unknown author:

Each new life... No matter how fragile or brief... Forever changes the world.

Every new life we meet today, tomorrow, and years from now, will forever change the world whether we choose to witness it or not.  I am choosing wot witness the changes we all have to offer the world.  

Although Connor had only 14 brief months in this world, he has forever changed my heart.  I will continue to live God's word and remember to change the world in his honor.  We must always remember that our lives here in this world is always fragile and can be brief.  We must always remember that.

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