Monday, August 13, 2012

Motivational Monday - Leave it at the Door

It's Monday! A new week after a very busy weekend!  It was so difficult to get out of my comfy bed this morning but lo behold! I did!

Courtesy of: Dreams Time
This week I want to motivate everyone to "Leave it at the Door!" So many times we allow outside issues to bother us and we end up bringing it with us wherever we go.  I too, have been guilty of this; it is difficult not to.  Lately, I find myself bringing my attitude with me to work when something is bothering me at home or vice versa...since it has been absolutely crazy at the office!  It is SO UNHEALTHY!!!!

So starting right NOW!  Whatever is bothering you remember to pack it up and leave it at the door.  If work pissed you off, put it right there on that doorstep and walk across the threshold. You will be so much happier if you did!  Enjoy the good times we have in this world because they will not always be there for us to scoop up!

Do you all have a fail safe coping mechanism to "Leave it at the Door?"  I'm currently taking notes...please motivate me! haha! =)

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