Friday, August 3, 2012

Fashion Friday - What I'm Traveling In

Hello Revolutioniers!  I've been on vacation for the past week so for this Fashion Friday I decided to dedicate it to what I wear when I travel.  We traveled from Maryland to Massachusetts for one day before making the rest of the way up to the beautiful east side of Maine! For me, I still want to be stylish and cozy when I am traveling!  It's a freakin' long ass drive from Maryland to Massachusetts {let alone Maine!}

First off, I wear very little make-up...meaning I only wear my cover up foundation, some tinted primer on my eyes, mascara and some gloss! That's it!  I may put on a little extra on during the ride but that is usually b/c I am super bored and need something to do!

For my clothes, I am wearing black capri leggings, a gray cami, and a high-lo tee that I found for Wal-Mart.
Please excuse the tiredness of this pic...I just drove 7.5 hours. I'm exhausted! =)

I love this tee, esp. for the $10 I paid for it at Wal-Mart, however, the little designs rub off quickly when you have a seat belt on it for about 7.5 hours....Boo to that!

I also find it really important to wear easy slip on shoes.  These I found at Claire's at the beginning of the spring season.  I love them!  You can find them here (on sale too!)

P.S. when I say "I" I mean my HUSBAND!

What do you all travel in?  Send me pics or tweet (@Queen_Nicole01) at me if your traveling now!


  1. Hey I JUST saw those cute flips at Claire's and LOVED them. Seeing how super cute they look on your feet makes me want to go back and get them! You're way more fashionable than me when I travel. :)

    1. I love them. They def. needed to be broken in to though. Not the most comfortable pair but still pretty decent! =)