Saturday, July 28, 2012

Tresemme Dry Shampoo Review

So I have been desperate to find a dry shampoo to use since I went back to being a brunette (and 1/2 red soon to come!) For some reason my hair looks really oily ever since I have made the change and  it can be rather embarrassing.  Before I used to shellac my hair in a pony tail or wave it....either way it doesn't really hide it all that well.

Then I saw the Tresemme "Dry Shampoo" commercial {sounds of bells...much like the ones you hear for angels...begin ringing in my head}  Have I finally found a solution to my dreaded hair problem?!?!?!  The next day I immediately bought it!  I was so hyped, super excited, and was hoping for the best!

The claims {straight from their website} "Transform limp, lifeless locks into healthy, full-bodied hair when you skip a shampoo. The Mineral Clay and Citrus formula removes oil and odor that weighs hair down, so you can have instant salon-quality volume without a drop of water."

I have used the Tresemme dry shampoo every other day for two weeks now and the result is....It doesn't work.  Boo!  So disappointed!

I noticed a difference for about 1-2 hours but after that it goes right back to being oily and gross looking.  No extra body...if anything it weighed it down.  However, it did make is smell beautiful.  So I guess that is a pro.

I was really pushing for you Tresemme...I really was!  But with all your claims and only one...which I find to be a low pro {smelling nice} not proving to be true, with my hair anyway, I find my $6 wasted. hmph!

Back to the drawing board!

I am curious, have any of you tried their new line of dry shampoo? What was your results? Or any recommendations for dry shampoo that any of you use that you LOVE?!?!

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