Monday, July 23, 2012

Motivational Monday - Succeeding to Fail

This past week I tweeted about having the opportunity to FINALLY use my master's degree; possibly anyway.  In other words, I had a job interview. It was a promotion within my organization and I was extremely stoked to get it.  The whole reason why I went to school was to continue to progress in my organization, make more money, and finally live comfortably...right?

Once I interviewed, I second guessed my wants.  Sometimes more money, location, and better hours aren't always worth it.  This job would mean no more vacations to Disney World in the fall, no long weekends traveling to and from the dance competitions for Bird, pretty much no leave except during the summer months.  C'est la vie.

My priority is my family. Bottom line. End of story. Period.  I don't want to ever regret missing those dance competitions, screams & thrills from the latest attraction at the theme park, or anything else that allows me to cherish the little time I have with my young family.  They mean way too much to me.

This week let's motivate ourselves to remember what our priorities because success in not measured in the amount of money we make or the jobs we attain.

This Monday I leave you with a quote from Harry Lloyd:

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