Friday, March 4, 2011

Revolution Post-Month 2 Down for the Count

Hi everyone!  So this month blew completely.  You know the saying when it rains it pours????  Whelp! That is what totally happened this past month.  So, numerous annual bills came in the nifty mailbox this month, which we expected and budgeted for HOWEVER, what was not budgeted nor expected was my husbands beat up stinkin car to break down and cost us....$2,084.63! YEP!! So much for saving this month!! But I am still determined to get rid of this debt at whatever means necessary.  So this weekend (after doing videos and homework) I will be going through my house to sell! Yep! a good ol' yard sale.....on ebay! haha! But at least this can make up for the extra funds that was spent on that stupid old tank of a car!

I also am waiting anxiously to see if I get a call back from MakeupGeekTV for a paid position with them on youtube where I would be reviewing products.  They were suppose to announce the top 10 finalists on Wednesday, however they have said that there has been a delay due to the amount of entries and the fact that there were A LOT of good entries as well.  So wish me luck!  This is something I really want, and it will be for something I really enjoy doing!

I am still on track and still going based off of what my debt-plan details.  && b/c of that I am now on credit card down! WOOHOO!! & it feels good that I can say that.  The next one...given that there is no other surprises, is due to be paid off in July.  Then as soon as taxes are done and we have our return we will have two other expenses paid off! I am trying to remain as positive as I can, I have even learned more about couponing <---not sure if that is a word or not! 

Here is to tipping the cup from all the stress of the month of Feb!

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