Sunday, December 26, 2010

Make-Up for Beginners Part I

Okay so if you are a newbie or someone who hasn't worn make up in a good long while (mom!) here is what you will need:

Green Correction Stick (they don't always come in sticks but they are always green)-This will cover all your redness

Yellow Correction Stick (again, not always in the form of a stick but are always yellow)-This will cover your dark under eye circles

Concealer-This will cover any flaws your foundation and your corrector sticks couldn't cover that well.  Make sure you either get your skin tone or a shade lighter.  If you get a shade lighter this would be for the purpose of putting in on prior to your foundation.  If you get your exact skin tone you can use this after your foundation.

The green and yellow sticks and the concealers are not something you may need to use everyday, but it is good to keep on hand when you do need it.

Liquid foundation-This will go all over your face to give you skin an even finish

Powder foundation-This is to set your liquid foundation (plus it is a good backup for extra coverage over your concealer)

Blush-Start with natural colors to play with this will give you a natural look and make you not look so flushed with foundation only

Mascara-Use this to give your lashes a little taste of make up!  The best drug store brand is the L'Oreal double extend!!  Love this stuff!

Check out the video!