Monday, April 8, 2013

Service has been Temporarily Interrupted!!

BEEEEEPPPPPP! Yes, It has been temporarily interrupted by a dance competition that seemed to wipe me OUT!!

Sorry, no manicure Monday post today. I'm hoping to film a tutorial tonight, but I have lost my voice from this past weekend and I am not quite sure if it will be back in time.  If not, I will give you a throwback from a little while ago! =)

Instead enjoy these pictures from the weekend!

The "Barbee Gurlz" On Stage (Bird is Rock Star Barbee)

The "Cute Couple" award goes to these ducks!

"Too Darn Hot" Heart

It say's "ECDT" in case you were wondering (Eight Count Dance Team) Yes, on a nasty ground waiting for dinner

Future Mean Girls Or Bridesmaids Sequel Actresses! One of the two. Bird is the Zebra print tutu

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