Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Have you heard of Brandslane?

Hi Everyone!  I was recently contacted by Elle Fa from to do post about her website.  Of course as always I was intrigued by her email and decided to ask more questions and find out more about her site & brand.

So what is Brandslane excatly?  Brandslane is a great resource for the fashionista wanting to know the latest trends, sales, and updates from some of their favorite brands, boutiques, and designers. AND it is free!

Basically, Brandslane takes newsletters from all tons of boutiques and designers (such as marc by marc jacobs, spiegel, armani, kohls ...etc. you get the point) and puts them all in to one place and sends it to you, the subscriber, in to one daily email.

When I realized what they do I first thought....What the heck! Why didn't I think of this! and then I thought SCHWEEEEEET!!! This is so awesome!

My email box is constantly filled with daily emails and newsletters from tons of designers, stores, and boutiques! On any given day I can receive on the upwards of 100+ emails from shops alone.  Brandslane has the ability to make managing these emails much easier.  Simply put, I can remove myself from mailing lists since it is all on the newsletter!

Here is what the newsletter looks like.  It is simple and easy on the eyes. In other words, it isn't overwhelming and makes me more likely to open up and visit the shops.

The website is even more awesome!

See, it is so clean and enticing to go check out the stores....please excuse me while I go check out Betsey Johnson's sale....

You can go signup here!  It's so simple, you just put your email address in the box!

Go check them out, the are adding new shops, designers, and boutiques often!  I love it! After you signup let me know in the comments! I'd love to hear what other stores you would love to see them add!

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