Friday, March 29, 2013

Fashion Friday - Boyfriend Jeans

Happy Good Friday!!! This week's Fashion Friday linkup is brought to you by....Bird....Yet again this little fashionista has inspired another one of my posts.  For me, I never would have even thought about "Boyfriend" jeans if it wasn't for her.  About a year ago we were shopping at Old Navy and she insisted on a couple of pairs of these types of jeans.

Now, they have become her staple piece of her wardrobe.  They are cute, comfy, and down right fabulous!  I love the bootcuts and skinny jeans, but after search and researching these style of jeans, I think I may have to invest in a pair...especially if I continue to get to my goal weight/size!  In fact, there is my incentive. 10 lbs and I will have to go purchase one of these little babies!

Here are some low cost and super cute options I put together using polyvore!
Boyfriend Jeans

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