Thursday, February 14, 2013

Fashion Week - Best of Wednesday's Runway

Happy Valentine's Day my loves! It's time to recap yesterday's runway shows! Can I just say that there was so much goodness on the runway that I was overwhelmed!! My favorite had to be Anna Sui, simply because she rocked the 1960's mod designs! I LOVE!

The Best of Anna Sui Fall 2013

Then there was the J. Mendel collection! So classy, elegant, and sexy. Slitted dresses, long gowns, and modest necklines graced the runway. As always, Mendel's collections are stunning!

The Best of J. Mendel Fall 2013

Rachel Zoe's collection was another great runway show as well. The collection consisted of many different textures and patterns that all worked really well with each other. It was a sexy and sleek collection that I believe is very wearable.

The Best of Rachel Zoe Fall 2013

Bibhu Mohapatra's collection was also another nice collection. Mixing different patterns and keeping the skirt and dress lengths modest; the collection was too very wearable and fashion forward.

The Best of Bibhu Mohapatra Fall 2013

Michael Kors scared me at first. Known for his talented designs, I was nervous when I saw the the first few dresses. A couple of those dresses had puffed up tails that, when looking from behind, reminded me of a saggy ass; or perhaps a bag full of puppies fighting in a sack. It was horrid. And I hate to be so negative, but those dresses were ghastly! But then, the models began to make their way out on the runway with the design and colors I knew Michael Kors was capable of. Ahhh, confidence restored! It's a heavenly feeling!

The Best of Michael Kors Fall 2013

Michelle Smith and Nanette Lepore both had similar collections with their ideas of adding shimmery materials that offered and "out of this world" look to each of the designs. Lepore was the first to show off this awesome material with many of the accessories added to her designs. I have to admit I was so intrigued with the accessories that I actually had to watch the show again to take a look at the actual designs. Although distracted I found that Lepore's designs were extremely wearable!

The Best of Nanette Lepore Fall 2013

Michelle Smith's Milly collection also used the same type of material in her designs but incorporated more in to the actual clothes than the accessories and it worked for her too!

The Best of Milly Fall 2013

I loved the looks! What is your opinion of the Michel Kors collection?


  1. These collections are pretty impressive :), you have nice taste.

    1. I agree! I really did enjoy Lepore's collection! & Thank you very much for the compliment! =)