Monday, July 30, 2012

Motivational Monday - You Only Live Once

Happy Monday Revolutioniers!  Today is July 30th and today is also my (& my brother's) birthday.  The older I get the more I feel the need to appreciate my life, what I have accomplished, what I have left to do, and who I have become.  I am proud of what I have accomplished and I have large ambition of what more I want to do with my life.  More importantly, I am proud of who I am and what I have become as a human being and a follower of a higher power. But there is so much more to do in order to continue my journey in life.

With the recent shooting in Aurora, CO I have to remind myself that our time is precious with each other.  We only have so much time in this world to spend with the people we love. With that I am also reminded of the lack of time to spend doing things that I want to do before I die.  So, for this Motivational Monday I am starting my bucket list.  I have all these ideas but never write them down.  Without them written it is so easy to forget or write them off.

Today I am motivating you to join me in creating your list.  Leave your links to blog posts or just simply tell me what you want to do.  We are only getting older and we only live once.  We should embrace this time and be happy doing it!

My {Beginning} Bucket List

  1. Witness my daughters grow up
  2. Witness my daughters graduate high school
  3. Witness my daughters graduate college
  4. Witness my daughters get married
  5. Learn to sew
  6. Get over my fear of flying (long flights mostly)
  7. Go to Europe
  8. Move to New England
  9. Be able to have a job that I love that still allows me to be with my family as much as possible
  10. Obtain "premium" VIB status with Sephora
  11. Adopt a child


  1. Adopt a child, that is amazing and that is something I want to do someday!

    1. I can't have anymore children. I'm lucky to have inherited my oldest from my husband's first marriage but I would love to have a son. However any child that needs a home is welcome! That is something that is near and dear to my heart.